Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Tae update

It's been months and months since we posted, so here are a few random photos of Tae from the last 8 months! He's growing into a stunningly smart kid who continues to bring us loads of joy (even on the challenging days!).

In the spring tulip fields of Skagit county

Fun and funny kid

Turning five in August

Tae was filmed for a commercial for the Guaranteed Education Tuition program in Washington. He's even pictured on the left sidebar on their website and prominently in their new brochure.

  Building the tallest tower with "Structures"

 Tae in his Halloween costume that we bought at a consignment store that we thought was a dinosaur, but turned out to be an alligator!

Snow day last week!

 Sledding down the driveway

 In front of the Christmas tree

Tae reading the entire Christmas gospel on the phone to his Oregon grandparents on Christmas day, complete with his pants falling down! (At the Christmas Eve service he was one of three child lectors, but he read the whole thing on Christmas day! He's become an incredible reader.)

Blessings in 2014!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tae's Spring Break trip to Chicago

We took a trip to Chicago the week after Easter to see good friends and spend time in the windy city:

Up at the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower

On "The Ledge" at the top of the tower with friend Jon. It's all glass so you can see the city below - makes your stomach flip flop!

 At the Art Institute of Chicago

Fun with art puzzles at the Art Institute of Chicago

Tae was so excited to see this painting (Mary Cassatt's "The Child's Bath") since there's a print of it at his school.

Beautiful day at the Morton Arboretum

At "the bean" at Millennium Park

Tae is really into dinosaurs right now so he was excited to see "Sue," the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton at the Field Museum. Here's Sue's head...
 And here's the rest of Sue (below) with Tae giving his best T-Rex look

Tae has become an excellent reader, and on our trip he especially liked reading the Bernstain Bear's "Dinosaur Dig" book

Fun with dear friends

And playing Twister for the first time...a definite disadvantage when you have short arms and legs!

And a few photos from Easter on an unusually gorgeous March day in the Pacific Northwest:

 Easter sunrise

 Coloring eggs

 Cute Easter boy

 Spring has sprung!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's been a good 2012 in our household. Here are some photos from the last half of it, starting with playing in the snow on Mt. Baker today:

The snow was too deep even to sled, so we just played

 Tae got stuck in the snow and "needed a lift" from Grandpa or mom

 Picking out our Christmas tree at sister-in-law Michelle's aunt and uncle's house in Mt. Vernon

Tae singing in his school Christmas program

Tae as a Bethlehem townsperson in the Sunday School Christmas play at church

Thanksgiving with cousins Owen and Rachel in Oregon

Tae with his pumpkin

Tae as a pumpkin

Mt. Baker in the snow again, this time a tad warmer in September

Singing "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" in the car on the way to Mt. Baker with Grandpa Rod and Grandma Sharie (yes, he does know the chorus, and is very careful that we "don't die" by telling Grandpa to stay far from the edge of the road!)

Turning 4 on August 31st

 Ten Mile Falls at Holden Village

Fun on the Holden zip line

At the King Tut exhibit in Seattle

The Everett Children's Museum

Fun on the monkey bars

Happy 2013, everyone!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tae's first half of summer

It's been a busy summer so far. Grandpa Rod and Grandma Sharie came to visit, Tae and mom took a quick trip to California for a wedding, Tae spent a week with his Uncle Pete and cousins Alisha and Tayla in Bellevue, we spent a weekend in Seattle, and got out today for some beautiful hiking on Mt. Baker.

Since he's out of school for the summer, Tae is spending Tuesdays with Uncle Mark, Wednesdays with friends Darby, Kate, and Liam, and Thursdays and Fridays with friends Becky and Alec. Fun times with great people!

Here are some photos and videos of our summer adventures:

Tae put on quite a show for Grandpa Rod's birthday and led the party! And he got to stay up waaaaaayyyy past his bedtime, too.

Trying on clothes for Joan and Ron's wedding

On the carousel at the Oakland Zoo

Sailing on Lake Washington with Uncle Pete and his cousins

Tae even got to steer!

We spent a day at the Space Needle

Contemplating the view from up top...

Every time we see it, Tae calls the Space Needle "The Control Tower." Bet you didn't know that all of Seattle was controlled by the Space Needle....

Playing near the fountain near the Space Needle...this is just before he got completely soaked!

We went hiking this afternoon on Mt. Baker to "practice" for our trip to Holden Village later this month. This river (the Nooksack) runs through Ferndale, but it's not quite as raging as it is on Mt. Baker!

Happy Summer!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Adventures 2

More fun spring adventures in Tae's life and ours...

When Grandma and Grandpa I. visited recently we took them to see the Skagit Valley tulips. Amazingly beautiful.

Tae pointing out his favorite tulip...

 Getting a haircut from Grandmary Jane

Fun running in the empty lot next door
A special "Mother's Tea" at preschool

Singing "I'm a little teapot" at the Mother's Tea. Hilarious!

A Mother's Day picnic at Lake Padden with Uncle Mark and Aunt Michelle (the photographer) on a beautiful spring evening.

A sweet little boy eating some sweet yummy watermelon.

And fun wading in the lake. We are so blessed to be Tae's mom and dad!